Mark Calvert:


I always thought I was pretty fit, but knew I could be fitter, well now I definitely know! Active+ have shown me the next level! I am pushed to my limits every session, which has allowed me to achieve my goals of becoming faster and stronger than I ever would have been able to on my own. Many thanks to Active+ who have created every session around me and puts up with my whinging & moaning!


Phil Robinson:


After training with Active+ for years doing kickboxing I'd seen their journey progress and knowledge with it, branching out their interest and knowledge from a kickboxing aspect to progress with their qualifications as a personal traineres and a coaches. So after a couple of years out of training and competing in kickboxing, and subsequently putting on almost 20kg, it made sense for me go to Active+ to get back in shape and get back in to the condition I used to be those years ago.

Since starting to train with Active+ around a month ago, and through following the eating regime he set out for me, I have not only dropped below 90kg for the first time since 2014 but I'm now the lightest I have been in over the 2 years... As well as now being within 10kg of my goal weight of 78kg! Even better is that all this without losing any muscle mass and feeling stronger and fitter than I have in years! Can't wait to see what happens in the months to come!!

I'd recommend Active+ for anyone and everyone, not just as a kickboxer but for anyone who wants to get in shape, lose weight and just generally better themselves physically.


Paul Staines:


"My son George has just finished a training block with Active+ and has enjoyed every minute of it, it has definitely improved George's technique! Paul also provided an excellent diet plan to compliment the individual sessions.

We will definitely be booking again and fully reccommend anyone who would like to improve their own or children's general fitness, I think we're lucky to have such great and motiviational Coaches & Personal Trainers in our area!"


Samantha Headley:


"Active+ provided me wth a taster Personal Training session at an initial discounted price to see if I'd like the service that Active+ provided. Active+ were very professional and friendly which made me feel at ease, the session was fun and better than just a normal gym training session, Active+ put in some Kickboxing fitness training and Boxing pad work to really mix it up. I can't wait to book the block sessions, I will definitely reccomend you!"


Joshua Webster:


"The session for me was really really good, you're a great Personal Trainer and Coach, I can see that. I'm happy to be working with you Actvive+!"


Leigh-Marie Hockney:


"I'll definitely come back! 100% reccomend Paul and Kick Fit!"


Crystal McDonald:


"I just got back from my first Personal Training session with Paul at Kick Fit, Fantastic! Can't wait for my next session!"


Sarah Brown:


"The session was really good, although it was a group session and the othes seemed to pick up things alot easier than me, Active+ were very patient and pitched his training techniques at different levels so myself and others could understand, I can't wait to do another class! Thanks Active+!"